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Drive Thru Tree Souvenir Magnet Made in USA California Redwoods Handmade Wood Redwood Magnet

Happy Wood Products

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Drive Thru Tree Handmade Magnets made out of California Redwood here in California and are approximately 2.75" x 2.25" x .25" thick. This collectible kitchen magnet would look great on your fridge, or make a great gift for friends as a souvenir.

Our ornaments and magnets are handcrafted and go through a lengthy process from start to finish. Boards are cut to size, sanded, and then the ornament or magnet/design is cut out. Then, each is sanded by hand and has a clear finish applied to it to protect it from use/wear and to help the individual grain characteristics and coloring of each piece really "pop." Each receives a light coat of clear finish. Only then, do  magnets have their magnet applied to them.
These are designed and created proudly from start to finish in the USA by Happy Wood Products!
Photos are a general representation of the magnet you will receive. (Grain and coloring varies with each piece which is why there are many photos showing 6 magnets or 2 magnets: to help depict some of the variance that occurs in redwood/these magnets.)