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Redwood Burl Clock Table Shelf Mantle Desk Office Gifts for Men 2 Tone Sitting Wood Christmas Gift #391

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This Wood Desk Clock is made out of unique, hard to find California Redwood Burl with the gorgeous "grain" that redwood burl gives. Great for sitting on a mantle, shelf, table, office desk, etc. To make this clock even more special, it's considered a 2 tone clock meaning it has some of the red and some of the white wood redwood can have. (Last photo is of a different clock and is just to show what the back of the clock mechanisms look like when removed from the wood to install the battery.

Approximately 8.25" at longest point x 6.5" at tallest point and about 1.75" thick.
This is referred to as an insert clock because the entire mechanism pops out to insert/change the battery and then you insert/pop it back in. The easiest way to "pop it out" is to use a thick pen like a black marks-a lot with the FLAT bottom at the back of the clock through the hole we've provided. This mechanism requires one "AA" / Double A battery which is not provided.

These are handmade here at our wood shop out of high quality redwood and are hard to find anywhere else. The finish applied is a clear finish which just helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. No dyes or stains have been used.

When putting the battery in, try angling it/starting it so the positive end angles in first. That should give you the leverage you need. It IS a tight fit, but should work just fine if positive end firmly goes in first.

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