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Redwood Jewelry Box Curly Wood Engraved Rustic Handmade California #500 Memento Box, Mom Gift, Anniversary Gift

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This Rustic style Redwood Box is made out of unique California Redwood. Great for sitting on a mantle, shelf, table, nightstand, dresser, etc. This can be used for anything you'd like: jewelry, money, mementos, or as a fun conversation piece. You may notice this particular piece has some "bright spots" on the lid that look kind of like waves or swirls. This is known as "curly wood," a unique occurrence that is more rare in redwood pieces.

Exterior Dimensions with lid on is approximately 9" at longest point x 3.875" at widest point and about 2.875" thick.
Inner Area Dimensions are approximately 7.75" at longest point x 2.75" at widest point by about 1.75" deep.

These are made here at our little wood shop in Northern California. The finish applied is a clear finish which just helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. No dyes or stains have been used.

Please note that each box IS rustic and may have what one person would consider a flaw and another person would consider character. Please see all photos.

1022 #500