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Rustic Wood Salt and Pepper Shakers Set Handmade #A4 California Redwood Souvenir Housewarming Gift

Souvenir Kingdom

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This specific set of California Redwood Salt and Pepper Shakers is what is being sold. No two sets are identical. Approximately 3.5" tall x 4.5" across as a set. Individually, each piece is about 2.5" x 3.75" x 3.5" tall. (One piece is larger than the other especially on the bottom.) These fun salt and pepper shakers are made out of fallen redwood trees and were saved from being destroyed, and then turned into awesome salt and pepper shakers. Each one is unique in color and shape and has rubber stoppers for their bottoms. Handmade in Humboldt County, USA. Made out of genuine redwood, cut, drilled, and sanded by hand, and finished with a clear finish. These are made here at our wood shop out of high quality redwood and are hard to find anywhere else. The finish applied is a clear finish which just helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. No dyes or stains have been used. 111518cubicorrega#A4