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Wood Clock Desk, Office, Mantel Redwood Burl Birthday Gift, Engagement Gift, Handmade Gift for Men, Gift For Her #648

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This Red Wood Desk Clock is made out of California Redwood Burl which gives it fantastic character and grain. This Wood Clock makes a great 5th Anniversary Gift which is wood or a wedding present. Great for sitting on a mantel, shelf, table, office desk, etc.

Approximately 11.25" at longest point x 6.13" at tallest point and about 1.7" thick.
This is referred to as an insert clock because the entire mechanism pops out to insert/change the battery and then you insert/pop it back in. This require a bit of twist and pull action from the front of the clock. Please note that the brass ring and plastic cover come off by twisting. If this happens simply reattach them and then twist and pull the opposite direction to get the whole mechanism out. This mechanism requires one "AA" / Double A battery which is not provided.
When putting the battery in, try angling it/starting it so the positive end angles in first. That should give you the leverage you need. It IS a tight fit, but should work just fine if positive end firmly goes in first.

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