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Wood Jewelry Box Redwood Handmade California Storage #458 5th Anniversary Gift Christmas Gift - Mother's Day Gift - Redwood Urn

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This Redwood Box #458 can be used for anything you'd like: jewelry, candy, memories, and more. This piece does have some unique character such as little dings, dents, and little seams that might look like cracks. Some would see these as flaws while others view this as rustic charm so please be sure to see all photos. Interior and exterior measurements are given below.

Exterior Dimensions with lid on is approximately 10" at longest point x 6.875" at widest point and about 7" thick.
Inner Area Dimensions are approximately 8.675" at longest point x 5.675" at widest point by about 4.875" deep.

Please note: this specific box has a very tight fitting lid that should/hopefully will work itself in, but for now is slightly challenging to open.
The finish applied is a clear finish which just helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. No dyes or stains have been used.

We get asked regularly if we can custom engrave a unique one of a kind box that is already listed (like this one), and unfortunately, we cannot. "Finished boxes" such as this one can't be custom engraved due to how strong our finish is.

We get asked if our boxes can be used as urns. This box holds about 235 cubic inches which roughly translates to holding the ashes of a loved one that weighed 235 lbs or less before cremation. This is, however, a top opening box and doesn't currently permanently seal like some traditional urn boxes do.

Please be aware that this size of box will be shipped domestically via UPS, FedEx, or USPS. (We will decided based on several parameters at time of shipping.)

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