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10 Quartz Clock Movement Mechanisms and Serpentine Style Brass Hands Set Kit DIY Repair Parts

Souvenir Kingdom

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Set of 10 Standard Clock Movements or Mechanisms with Brass Colored Hands and Second Hand Used for Wall Clocks Movement is suitable for clock repair, restoration, or clock making. Requires 1 "AA" Battery

Movement Size: 2.25" Square, .5/8" Thick and Fits in a 3" Diameter Hole

Shaft Diameter Measures: 5/16" - 9/32" (Fits through a 5/16" Hole)

Total Hand Shaft Length is 7/8"

Threaded Shaft is 9/16"

Max Dial thickness is 1/2"

One Set of Hands is Included, Plus Brass Colored Nut and Washer

Hour Hand is Approximately 2" From Mounting Hole to Tip

Minute Hand is Approximately 2 5/8" From Mounting Hole to Tip

Second Hand is Approximately 3 1/3" From Mounting Area to Tip