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Hawaii Patch – HI Souvenir Aloha Everyday Travel Patch – Peel and Stick – Applique 2.25"" Island Embellishment Souvenir Surfing Palm Trees

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Hawaii Peel and Stick Applique or Patch featuring the word Hawaii and Palm Trees with a Sunset Backdrop

Size – 2 inches wide by 2.25 in. tall
Color – Multi Colored
Shape – Square or Rectangle
Peel and Stick

Collectible Travel Souvenir
High Quality Woven.

Great memento of your trip to Hawaii whether it was for surfing, snorkeling, a relaxing getaway or any other reason.

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY. To adhere, start with a clean surface, the smoother the better. (High thread-count cotton and woven polyester and nylon fabrics work better than a fuzzy wool or felt.) The adhesive is pressure sensitive, so press HARD. Apply at room temperature. If it is too cold when they are applied, you will lower the peel strength. Most important, WAIT 3 days for full adhesion. I know you will want to see if they are sticking right after you put them on, but don't do it.
Finally, if on a garment, Tumble dry ON LOW, or hang dry.

You can also sew on for added durability.
Patches are great for adhering to blankets, hats, jackets, backpacks, putting in a scrapbook, etc.
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