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Redwood Bowl Burl Hand Turned 9.5 Inch Wood Salad Bowl Made out of Rare Redwood Gorgeous Grain #A16

Happy Wood Products

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This 9.5 inch redwood burl handmade wood salad bowl is made here at our little father and daughter wood shop in Northern California out of high quality redwood burl and are hard to find anywhere else. The finish applied is a food safe Linseed oil which helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. Then finished off with 3 separate waxes to seal the oil in the cells of the wood so the oil/bowl does not dry out over time. No dyes or stains have been used. Each Redwood Bowl is Unique in Grain, Shape, Color, etc. The redwood burl we use is salvaged from old stumps abandoned back when logging redwoods wasn't regulated/restricted. Approximate Measurements are: 9.5" Across the Top Interior Depth is about 2.375" Exterior Height is about 3" These make great individual "Salad Bowls" and are food safe. But a lot of people just enjoy them as home decor and a fun conversational piece. Bowls should NEVER be put in the dishwasher, microwave, nor washed like typical bowls. Just wipe them out with a wet rag to keep their color, finish, etc. What is redwood burl? It's actually a somewhat abnormal growth off of a redwood tree kind of like a wart or mole on a person. Removing it does not hurt the tree, but the grain that comes from it is amazing. Since it's not a tree itself that also makes it a much more rare type of wood/grain than redwood from a tree itself. 103018lfrb3Bowl A16