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Redwood Clock Mini Handmade Wall Hanging Rustic Wedding Gift Burl Live Edge #5 Anniversary

Souvenir Kingdom

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THIS specific clock IS the one being sold. It's 100% unique, hard to find, California Redwood Burl with the gorgeous "grain" called Birds Eye that redwood burl can give. Please note each clock may have it's own unique wood "flaws," etc. What one person considers a flaw, another person considers character. We try to give as many photos and angles of the clock as we can and sometimes also in different light sources to depict how coloring can change be seen differently. Please be sure to look at all photos. Approximate Dimensions: 19" at longest point 9.75" at tallest point about 1" thick. *The #s on our clocks are also made out of redwood and set INTO the clock instead of brass #s that were glued onto the clock. This prevents the numbers from "falling off," gives the clock a much nicer presentation, and actually makes it EASIER to read the numbers! The #'s are white in color, but are still from a "Redwood" tree. The white wood is the sap wood area of the tree. Note: Because coloring can vary so much based on lighting, angle, etc. we attempt to take more than one photo of the clocks we sell so you can them from more than on angle/lighting scheme. Each photo is a photo of the same clock that we are selling. The finish applied is a clear finish which just helps enhance the grain / allows the colors to really pop. No dyes or stains have been used. Pricing depends on size and the amount of redwood "burl" or nice grain there is. Please ask any questions before purchasing. *62518LFRB#5