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Redwood Wood Cribbage Board Handmade Laser Engraved 3 Player

Happy Wood Products

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California Redwood Cribbage Board Handcrafted in Northern California of the United States. This allows for up to 3 players. Each board's grain, coloring, little dings, dents, character, etc. will vary slightly.

Measurements - 17" long x 4.75" at wide and about 1.125" thick. Contents include: Board and Pegs Cribbage is a highly addictive, fun card game, and this board is sure to be a GREAT hit as a gift or as a souvenir from your trip to the California Redwoods. It's hard to find a redwood cribbage board today so make sure to get one of these while you can.

This picture is a good representation of the game board and pegs you will receive but will not necessarily be this exact board. (This is why there is a photo showing more than one board to help illustrate some of the variance.)


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