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Wholesale Bigfoot Souvenir Sasquatch Wood Ornament Christmas

Wholesale Bigfoot Souvenir Sasquatch Wood Ornament Christmas

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Must Purchase in Multiples of 12

This laser cut, wooden Bigfoot or Sasquatch Christmas Ornament is made from California Redwood here in our little father and daughter wood shop in Northern California. 
Approximate Dimensions: 3" x 2.75" x .13"- .25" thick.

Each rustic woodcut Handmade Christmas ornament is handcrafted and goes through a lengthy process from start to finish. Boards are cut to size, sanded, and then the ornament design is cut out by the laser. Then, each is sanded by hand and has a clear finish applied to it to protect it from use/wear and to help the individual grain characteristics and coloring of each piece really "pop." 
Only then, are ornaments strung and carded by hand. (Each string is also hand cut.)

These are designed and created proudly from start to finish in the USA by Happy Wood Products. Even the ornament cards are printed by a local printer in the USA.

Please note: Each one will vary slightly in color, grain, etc.
Pictures are just a general representation of what you will receive. (You will receive one ornament...the pics of multiples is only to show some of the differences from one ornament to another.)
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