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Wood Mementos Souvenir Box California Redwood #232

Happy Wood Products

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This rustic style wood valet storage box is made out of hard to find, Northern California Redwood. Great for sitting on a mantle, shelf, table, nightstand, dresser, etc. This can be used for anything you'd like: jewelry, candy, money, knick knacks, or as a fun conversation piece. You may notice this particular piece has some dark little spots near the engraved tree. This is actually known as birdseye burl and is more rare in redwood. Has some character dents in lid towards the top middle. Please see all photos.

Exterior Dimensions with lid on is approximately 7.75" at longest point x 4.25" at widest point and about 3.25" thick.

Inner Area Dimensions are approximately 6.75" at longest point x 3" at widest point by about 2.375" deep.

The finish applied to our one of a kind jewelry boxes is a clear finish which helps protect the wood from bumps and bruises and helps the natural wood colors really shine through. No dyes or stains have been used.